One of the branches of AZEMAD, Lda, which has been in the global market for over five decades.
With a track record that spans for over 50 years, AZEMAD has three separate business areas: AZEMAD FURNITURE – High End furnishing, AZEMAD CONTRACT – hospitality furnishing, AZEMAD SPORT – Rink Hockey article manufacturing, being the world´s premier brand.

50 years of Excellence

The founder´s passion for Rink Hockey, as well as the local tradition regarding this sport, lead AZEMAD into stick manufacturing, being currently the world´s leading brand.
As a result on waging on international markets, and currently under the founder´s sons leadership, AZEMAD´s products are now present all around the world.
AZEMAD´s business multiplicity makes it possible for an exports portfolio that includes countries such as Germany, Angola, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, USA, France, Holland, Italy, India, Luxembourg, Mozambique, United Kingdom, Russia, Switzerland, Tahiti and Turkmenistan

Having its core business in High End furnishing, AZEMAD FURNITURE, has a proven and experienced team of architects and decorators, skilled in developing unique pieces meeting the clients requirements, offering an unconditional support from the design stage, to the construction phase, all the way up to the customization of each manufactured article. The forward thinking and innovative spirit of AZEMAD has always motivated the company to engage new challenges, placing it at the cutting edge of technology and industry, all the while having a sustainable production based philosophy.
With 20 years of experience, AZEMAD CONTRACT, soon after waging on finding new markets, established itself both on the domestic and international fronts, in Hospitallity Furnishing, drawing from its five decades of experience. AZEMAD CONTRACT has an in house capability for developing from the ground up as well as managing projects from anywhere in the world.
AZEMAD´S leadership in Rink Hockey comes from a permanent allocation of resources into its R&D (Research & Development) department. Innovation being part of the firm´s core, the company now brings to the market a product waging on revolutionizing the sport as it were, in various areas such as Training, Game analysis, Player´s performance. But also changing the way in which the sport is perceived, bringing it back where it belongs, to the forefront of the sports arena, conveying a high-tech image within the high Performance Sports community.
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