Provide the best protection for your knees with the AZEMAD Eclipse Knee Pads. Designed for a great ergonomic feeling while skating, the knee pads offer great comfort and shock absorption.

Made from a rigorously selected material, the knee pads always maintains their commitment of quality even in high intensity situations. They have a Velcro surface for ease of insertion and removal, so you do not waste time, but maintaining a great grip while you are skating.

Complete your Kit!

Complete your equipment with the remaining AZEMAD Eclipse range in five colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue and Gray. Available in three sizes (S / M / L)

AZEMAD Knee Pads Eclipse

Models for the Little Players!

AZEMAD Eclipse Mini Hockey Knee Pads are available in XS size. For beginners and the younger hockey players, they adapt the design of professional models to the characteristics and needs of the kids, for greater protection while learning and evolving!

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