AZEMAD Eclipse Mini Hockey Skates

The AZEMAD Eclipse Mini Hockey Skates arrived! These skates are designed to meet the needs of the little hockey players and are already assembled with all the accessories. They are the ideal skates for beginners to skating and offer the youngest all the conditions they need to learn and develop the basics.

With detail-selected features and high quality materials, the skates offer high protection coupled with great comfort. They have standard axis (7mm) that allow you to adapt other professional accessories (wheels, bearings ...). For ease of use and greater safety for kids, the lower numbers (25, 26 and 27) have Velcro closure in addition to the laces.

Sizes available from 25 to 35 (EUR)

Stick Mini Hockey

The Mini Hockey stick is idealized and designed for Mini Hockey initiation. Its design, painted white to the shovel, intends to maintain a light, childish and colorful appearance, with elements related to the modality.

The stick is 92cm high, less 10cm than the standard models, consisting of a thin and lightweight cable that allows better handling by children. 

With an uncoated composite blade but composed of solid wood, it adapts the characteristics of the stick to the particularities of the little players. The blade has less shock resistance than the professional models, but has a higher wear resistance. These properties are adapted to the learning characteristics, where the stick has less physical solicitation and more abrasive wear.

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Mini Hockey Ball

The AZEMAD Mini Hockey Ball was developed to provide a better adaptation and evolution of the beginners hockey players to the sport.

The ball has 120g being lighter and with a lower hardness compared to professional models, maintaining the diameter of 72mm. As main characteristics the ball has a higher damping, avoiding unexpected bumps and the difference in hardness promotes a greater development in ball control, since the grip on the ground is superior.

With a fluorescent orange color and bright patterns, the ball has an attractive and catchy design.

Rink Hockey Ball

Mini Hockey Barriers

The Mini Hockey barriers divide the hockey ring in order to create play fields adapted to the first levels of initiation. They are designed for easy installation, with lightweight and easily handled panels

The standard barriers kit consists of 8 main tables and 2 individual tables (20 meters in length). The main table has a length of 225cm and 60cm in height and the individual table have 100cm in length and 60cm in height, with the purpose to compensate and adjust the measurements of the ring. Both tables have a baseboard of 20cm, according to regulations.

The quantities and design of publicity of brand or entity in the tables and footer, can be adapted according to request and approval.

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