There's nothing like the original!

The AZEMAD family of rink hockey sticks is ideal for those who stay loyal to traditional architecture. With a laminated wooden blade with 90º of curvature, they feature a more conventional geometry but designed with the adaptation to the evolution and modern style.

Meet our Super, Plus, Special and Strong models!

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Sticks Compact

High Sensitivity!

The Compact model, as in the AZEMAD family, has a blade with a 90º bend, combining the traditional architecture with the evolution of the modern players. This family of sticks is AZEMAD's solution for players who like to have a greater experience of contact sensitivity with the ball. The thicker, uncoated composite blade exposes the wood to greater damping.

Meet our Compact Plus model.

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Sticks AZEX

Perfect balance!

AZEX family of rink hockey sticks have a 96 ° bend laminated wooden blade coated with composite material. The characteristics of the shaft, which presents an intermediate geometry between the AZEMAD and AZ100 families, represent a balance between the strengths of both.

Meet our Elite, Special and Strong models.

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Sticks AZ100


To a greater reach!


AZ100 family rink hockey sticks have their distinctive feature on blade bending - a 100 ° bending laminated wooden blade, coated with composite material, allowing ball control with greater range. Its more open geometry helps the player to have a greater radius of action with the stick and maintain a body posture with a higher gravitational center.


Know more about Special and Strong models


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Domain between posts!

AZEMAD Keeper sticks for rink hockey goalkeepers are designed to provide greater agility, dexterity and comfort between posts. Having as main characteristic its lightness, allow a better handling and control of the stick, with models for the different tastes and characteristics of each goalkeeper.

View our models Keeper, Carbon, No Core and GT10, developed with Guillem Trabal.

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 The influence of the best!

AZEMAD custom sticks have been designed and engineered in partnership with some of the best professional rink hockey players. In addition to adapting to game features, they feature a unique design customization for each player. Adapt your style to the hockey player profile with which you most identify.

Know the custom models for the players João Rodrigues, Carlos Nicolia, Jordi Bargalló, Hélder Nunes, Reinaldo VenturaFerran Font, Marlene Sousa and Anna Casarramona.

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