Final MVP - Men's Seniors

Portugal 0 × 0 Argentina (2 × 1 after penalty shoot-out)

Ângelo Girão was considered the Man of the Match after keeping a clean sheet for 60 minutes and having been a core element in penalties shoot-out.

After being considered the MVP of the Semi-finals against Spain, Girão returned to be decisive for the World Cup title of Portugal, that was not conquered since 2003, making a luxury exhibition. Considered unanimously the Portugal Hero in this finals, all the rewards will be few to classify his preponderance.

Ângelo Girão . 29 Years . Portugal

Final MVP - Women's Seniors

Spain 8 × 5 Argentina (2 goals scored)

Berta Busquets, after a crazy and intense game, was voted the best player on the pitch, not only for the two goals scored but for all the technical and emotional balance she brought to the match.

Berta scored an important goal seconds after Argentina tied the match to 3 balls, showing her concentration and effectiveness even in difficult times, having been a decisive moment for their country to win the trophy.

Berta Busquets . 23 Years . Spain

Bronze Medal MVP - Men's Seniors

Spain 5 × 0 France

Xavi Malián was considered the best player in the field in the game that gave the Bronze Medal and a place in the podium to the Spanish team.

The Spanish goalkeeper showed a great performance, with a lot of concentration throughout the game and not suffering any goal during the match, conveying all his confidence to his team-mates.

Xavi Malián . 29 Years . Spain

Bronze Medal MVP - Women's Seniors

Chile 3 × 0 Italy

Fernanda Hidalgo proved unbeatable among the posts, keeping his goal protected in the game that led the Chilean team to a place on the podium.

Hidalgo cleaned everything there was to defend, showing his goalkeeper technic, stopping all the attacks of the Italian team, being thus the most preponderant player inside the rink.

Fernanda Hidalgo . 21 Years . Chile

MVP Semifinales - Men's Seniors

Portugal 4 × 2 Spain

In this game, the rise of the Hero started. Girão always showed a great focus even in moments of big pressure by the Spanish team.

In a long and intense game, where the Portuguese team's cohesion and sacrifice were outstanding, Girão came to stand out and be decisive in the key moments of the match, which could have dictated another outcome.

Ângelo Girão . 29 Years . Portugal

MVP Semifinales - Men's Seniors

Argentina 3 × 0 France (1 goal scored)

Pablo Álvarez was considered the best on the rink in the game that gave Argentina access to the final of the World Championship of Rink Hockey.

Alvarez filled the field with his technical quality, having scored the first of the 3 Argentine goals that gave the victory to his team, converting the free kick  and opening the goal scorer.

Pablo Álvarez . 32 Years . Argentina

MVP Semi Finals - Women's Seniors

Spain 4 × 2 Italy (3 goals and 1 assist)

In a very even game that was only decided in the final minutes, Laura Puigdueta had a dream performance that will surely remember for a long time. 

The Spanish player was the star of the match, being involved in all the 4 goals of her team, scoring 3 times and assisting her partner to the other one. With this great performance, Laura helped preponderantly her team to reach the World Championship Final, securing a place on the podium.

Laura Puigdueta . 23 Years . Spain

MVP Semi Finals - Women's Seniors

Argentina 2 × 2 Chile (4 × 3 after penalty shoot-out)

Luciana Agudo filled the rink with her technique in the first semi-final game that ended tied with Chile and was only decided on the penalty mark.

The Argentine player was one of the most restless in her team and always tried to inspire her teammates to victory, having scored the first goal of the match. In the penalty shoot-out, the player did not yield to the pressure, having scored a decisive goal in the outcome that led Argentina to the final.

Luciana Agudo . 29 Years . Argentina

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